Make a difference

Picture a world where you can make a difference, through photography. Sharing your best shots with good causes.
Looking beyond the lens to effect change.

It's hard to give something away that you love. But more satisfying when you do. Let your photographs have a mission,
a purpose beyond your pleasure.

Let them have impact.

photofoundation is a community for people with a passion for photography who want to use their images to support good causes.

Photography is everywhere. 500 billion photographs will be taken this year – a testament to our collective desire to take pictures and to understand the world through a lens. We think there’s a great opportunity to make the most of this and create a new way to support good causes.

We seek contributions of inspiring images through our website or mobile app. We then curate these contributions to create a valuable library of original images. Charities can access these images for free, and commercial organisations can also buy them, supporting good causes at the same time.

Your images are yours forever, but you can share the rights to your images with us. This is what makes photofoundation work. Upload your images to the platform and we can put them to work on your behalf.

Our guiding principles...

We believe in the power of great images.

Images can change how we think and see the world. We believe in celebrating and sharing that power.

Your images are yours forever.

We are simply good custodians for them. We will never display your images without attributing them to you, and we will tell you when your image is licensed for use by a charity or commercial organisation.

We want to empower you to give.

photofoundation allows you to support good causes by doing something you love.

We value openness and honesty.

We’re learning and developing, and we may not always get everything right. If you have ideas and suggestions for how we can improve photofoundation, we’d love to hear them.

Getting started is easy


Join, upload and smile. Here’s how...

Remember that great photo you always boast about? Share it with photofoundation and charities can use it too. You can upload directly from your computer through our drag and drop feature, from Flickr or using our mobile app.

  • Join our community. Tell us about what kind of photos you like taking and which causes you support.
  • Have a read of our image quality guidelines and find out more about the images we’re currently looking for, and how you can get involved in active briefs.
  • Share your contribution with your friends and show them how much you could raise for good causes.

Once your images have been reviewed, you’ll receive an email confirming they’ve been accepted and they’ll appear on your profile on the site. If we’re unable to accept your images, we’ll email you to let you know why.


Charities and commercial image buyers can now browse your images. If your image is selected for download, we’ll email you to let you know.